motion sensor light
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Power Sources 220/240 V/AC
Power Frequency 50HZ
Detection Range 180°
Rated Load 300W
Detection Distance Max. Up to 12 Meters
Time Delay: 10Sec. to 10 min. (Adjustable)
Ambient Light < 3-2000 LUX (Adjustable)
Installation Height 2.2-4m/s
Weather Proof Rating IP65
Current 450 mA
Sound level 118 dB at Distance – 25m

OCTIOT are offering wireless OCT-ESYD security sensor.
This is unique & highly utility product for every home, office, shop, garage, warehouse. Here the siren sounds alarm at very high intensity when anyone passes through the entrance passage where the gadget is installed thus giving you alert of any intrusion by a thief or unauthorised person.

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