motion sensor light
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Power Source 220-240V/AC
Power Frequency 50/60 Hz
Ambient Light <3-2000LUX (adjustable)
HF System 5.8GHz CW radar, ISM band
Time Delay Min. 10sec ± 3sec, Max 12min ± 1min
Rated Load 400w (LED) / 1200w (Incandescence)
Detection Range 360°
Detection Distance 8m
Installing Height 4.2m

OCT-ORO Microwave Movement Detect Sensor features 360° detection angle and up to 8 metre radius detection range. Has An in-built on-time timer and, daylight level controls prevent daytime operation, while a manual override facility ensures proper operation at all times of the day or night.High energy saving properties. It adopts microwave sensor mould with high frequency electro magnetic waves (5.8GHz) and integrated circuit. It works by receiving motion when one enters the detection field it can distinguish between day and night and operate accordingly.Sensibility and time delay adjustable.

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